About us
Our company specializes in the development of smart and advanced multimedia products for automotive field, in full compliance with the automotive market in Israel. The Company’s purpose is to increase and enhance the driving experience in Israel.
Over the last years, the company has gained experience, knowledge and expertise in adapting products to the requirements and preferences of the Israeli driver, and consequently became a leader in its field. The company was founded in 2017 by Tamir Kadosh, the company’s products are sold under the brand Crazyxen.

The Company’s Vision
To safe and enjoyable driving experience, Our company endeavors to adhere to present and future customer requirements, all the while paying utmost attention and taking into consideration the market trends and changing reality.
The Company’s emphasis on technology and design is a guiding principle for marketing its products at the highest quality and in full compatibility with the climatic conditions prevailing in Israel. We strive to provide our customers an exceptional purchasing experience based on our dedication, expertise and creativity and present to each and every one of them, the best solution.